Pilsen Innovation Ecosystem for support and development of innovative entrepreneurship

How we do it

We develop, inspire and support innovators throughout their lifecycle, from nursery to international expansion.

The Pilsen innovation ecosystem exists to attract more innovators, entrepreneurs and investors. All in the interest of the city's future prosperity. The more talent and ideas, the more successful companies, the better we will live in Pilsen.

Higher value-added entrepreneurship, local investment in R&D, greater control of the product and sales chain, the headquarters and management of internationally successful companies employing well-paid professionals - this is the goal of the Pilsen Innovation Ecosystem, which is why the City of Pilsen has long paid such attention to it.


We are happy here as a family, enjoying a vibrant culture, top-notch healthcare and an environment ideal for family life. But we also want our children to have a career in promising fields, and Pilsen certainly provides that too.

Lenka Byrtusová, parent

At PINE, we guide kids towards technology and teach high school students to collaborate across disciplines. We provide startups with background, community inspiration and expert mentorship. We provide funding for innovation in companies and help them expand abroad.

For each stage of the development of an innovative Pilsner, the city has four key knowledge and tools at its disposal. In the beginning, the Robotics Centre is dedicated to our children with its interest groups and events for boys and girls. Experimenting teenagers are taken over by SIT Port, which will turn many of them into innovators and startups for whom nothing is impossible. Those who want to start a real business move to BIC Port, which builds on the startup phase with a greater emphasis on entrepreneurial skills and knowledge. The BIC then supports the operating companies, collaborating on the financing of innovative projects and their international expansion.


"I am absolutely amazed and impressed with the way the Pilsen Information Technology Administration of the city works and especially with the dynamics of the organization. I especially like how you involve young people in your activities, who are the carriers of our future. Luděk Šantora's team invests a lot of energy in these activities. I believe that in 10 to 15 years you will see a full return on this investment."

Emmanuel Prévinaire, owner of Flying-Cam, winner of two Oscars for technical innovation


We want to keep talented people here so that they do not leave for other cities, so that they see the West Bohemian metropolis as an opportunity for growth, whether in education or business. Our role is to provide the right information at the right time, to nurture future prospective businesses and to help entrepreneurs with the financial backing for their development.

Luděk Šantora
CEO of the Information Technology Administration of the City of Pilsen


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